RMA Rough Rider Association for for cadets, faculty/staff and friends of Roosevelt Military Academy

Roosevelt Military Academy, Aledo, Illinois, was home for over 3000 cadets from 1931 thru 1973. In 1973 the academy closed, a corn field is now where the football and track team practiced, the academic building has been removed with North Barracks and Niles Hall still standing but nearly on the verge of collapse.

The Scarlet and Gray spirit lives on
Cadence Count:  Rough Riders Bold and Strong....Building Men All Lifelong.

One of the most pleasant jobs anyone can have as the President of an organization is to be able to pass on to the group really good news.  That is what I have the honor of doing now.

Since I was elected President I have been writing the newsletter, and I have pretty well voiced our position on pertinent items and our finances as well. I am so very pleased to announce to you all that Joe Graziano, class of 1949 has just sent in a donation of $500.00 to help defray the expenses of the upcoming reunion. Joe attended RMA for 3 years and was a sophomore my senior year. He lives in Barrington Illinois and I am, on behalf of the Board of Directors, extending our most sincere thanks to Joe. He is a life member of the Association and for those of you that are not members, we cordially invite you to join, and enjoy the classmates, friends and associates with the rest of us.

Thanks again Joe, and I hope to see all of you in August for the 2014 All Class Reunion

and more good news...

I want to take this opportunity, on behalf of the Board of Directors, to thank 2 more of our cadets, for sending the association a donation to help defray the costs of the reunion.

Howard Adler, class of 46, and Bobby Wixson, class of 49, have sent checks to help us and it warms my heart that RMA cadets still feel the way they do about our school. I still feel the draw of RMA and the school has now been closed 40 years and I graduated 67 years ago.

I have spoken with so many of you that feel the same way and to also have Rick Millikan on the board doubles the pleasure. I had a special place for Col. Millikan in my life and even got to wear his pants in a play put on as a junior, called Girl Shy.  In those days I guess a lot of us were girl shy but most of us got over it and moved on.

Again, I want to thank Howard and Bobby and Joe for their help and I assure you the donations will be put to good use.

I do want to point out that the donations came from the class of 46, and 2 from the class of 49. Are the old guys the ones that care the most?  I donít think so.

 Mel Bogus. '47
President, RMA Rough Rider Assn.

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RMA Biennial Reunion - August 22-24, 2014
Mark Your Calendars!

We will again return to Aledo/Rock Island for the 2014 Reunion Ė and we have some exciting things to add to our events.  At this point, the times have not yet been determined, however, we will be sending out periodic announcements and information through our website, newsletter and emails as details are finalized.  Here are the initial details.

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RMA's "Lost Battalion"

Over the years, we have lost contact with a virtual "battalion" of cadets and we would like you to help us locate them.  Mike Vagi '60 has created a list of cadets, faculty and friends with whom we were in contact at one point, but have lost touch with them.  Take a few minutes to review the names of the "Lost Battalion" to see if there is someone you are in contact with or, perhaps, an old classmate that you would be willing to spend a little time trying to locate.

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Armed Forces Memorial - Cadets

Aledo has built with the support of the Rough Rider Association a memorial that honors of all the men and women of Mercer County who have served our Country in the Armed Forces or attended RMA.  There is a designated area to honor and recognize former Roosevelt Military Academy cadets Click here for full details and how you can participate.

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Rough Riders Down....

It is with sad hearts we list cadets and faculty
who have been lost during the past 12 months.

Name    Class Year  

Date of Loss

Cadet William J. Pearson III 1943 January 17, 2013
Cadet William J. Tragos 1951 February 6, 2013
Cadet Peter Ferenczy 1958 February 25, 2013
Cadet Jerry Guinn 1950 May 9, 2013
Cadet Gene Shalander, Sr 1950 August 23, 2013
Cadet David Cargill 1961 November 7, 2013
Cadet Kenneth J. Kraly 1957 November 10, 2013
Cadet Dean Swift Nyhart 1945 December 24, 2013

  For a full list of Rough Riders who we know have passed, go to TAPS  


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RMA Quartermaster Store

Whenever a cadet needed to buy uniforms or other RMA-unique items, he would visit the Quartermaster Store in the Administration Building.  Now we have created an online quartermaster to provide RMA memorabilia, merchandise and electronic copies of yearbooks for members of the RMA Rough Riders Association, alumni and friends of RMA.  Visit the Quartermaster Store today.

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The RMA Roster of Cadets and Faculty/Staff

You can now easily update the RMA Roster with your e-mail and snail-mail address and telephone number.  At the same time you can request a copy of the Roster be sent to you, if you are a member of the RMA Rough Riders Association.

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       ROOSEVELT MILITARY ACADEMY is named for Theodore Roosevelt who so ably represents the ideals of American youth.  His magnanimous sprit, commanding personality, alert mind, and abounding physical energy represent our ideals for each cadet who studies at Roosevelt Military Academy.

       It is the Purpose of Roosevelt Military Academy to educate boys and aid them in their growth processes.

       The Academy strives to develop in each and every cadet qualities of leadership, both academically and socially, that will aid them - not only in a mastery of his formal education - but also in the full development of his physical, social and moral capacities


--from an RMA Catalog published in the late 1960's

Did you know? 

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New cadets in 1965 are accepted into the cadet corps after
marching through the RMA ceremonial gate

See more pictures of Cadet Life.  

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